5 good reasons to eat apples with their skin

  Health   |     20-05-2020   -     Editorial Team

Numerous studies have shown that apple skins are much more than just waste. They are extremely rich in substances with beneficial properties for the body. Let’s discover some of them now.

Generally, we are used to considering apple skins little more than something just to throw away. However, “an (unpeeled) apple a day” is truly an elixir of health that you would not expect. Of course, eating the apples with their skin means we have to be careful to buy them from organic farms and they still have to be washed and rinsed correctly, preferably using slightly salted water, water with baking soda/powder or mixed with vinegar.


An apple represents a healthy snack in itself, but there are several reasons why it is even healthier eaten with its skin:


  1. Healthy intestine and regular bowel movements. The apple skin contains the larger proportion of fibre (4.4 g, whereas a peeled apple contains just 2.1 g), fundamental for healthy intestines and regular bowel movements.


  1. A further source of vitamins. An unpeeled apple contains an average of 8.4 mg of vitamin C and 98 international units of vitamin A (unit of measurement for the amount of a substance based on its effect that is its biological activity). Instead, for a peeled apple the amount of vitamins sinks to 6.4 mg and 61 IU respectively.


  1. Protection for our cells. The apple skin contains quercetin, a substance that helps to relieve breathing problems, protects our memory and seems to prevent some types of degenerative cerebral damage.


  1. Possible antitumor effects. According to a study conducted at the Cornell University in 2007, the triterpenoids that apple skins contain were able to inhibit and kill cancer cells grown in laboratory cultures, mostly those that develop in the liver, colon and breast.


  1. Getting rid of extra kilos. The apple skin contains ursolic acid, a compound that increases brown fat, which is considered a “good fat” because it enables the body to burn more calories, therefore reducing the risk of obesity.


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