The apple does not fall far from the tree

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Jürgen Braun answers 5 questions and shares his passion for apples with us!

Jürgen and Thomas Braun

5 questions for Jürgen Braun

“At KIKU Apples we consider ourselves as the vitamin provider for the numerous athletes we support. We are constantly committed, as they are, to deliver high quality products and top performances to satisfy our customers.”

Jürgen and Thomas Braun, KIKU Apples

It is a success story originating from the 1990s. After one of his trips to Japan, the pioneer of South Tyrolean apple production Luis Braun brought the Fuji apple to South Tyrol. As it was cultivated for the first time in South Tyrol, it started developing peculiar characteristics in terms of look, taste and scent: that was the birth of the KIKU apple.

Nowadays, the two brothers Jürgen and Thomas Braun carry on the passion they inherited from their father.

  1. Jürgen, the apple does not fall far from the tree – do you and your brother Thomas identify with this statement? 
    • We certainly do! Our father gave us his great passion for nature and for the apple. Since the beginning, all three of us kept on asking ourselves: how can we convey our passion to “those out there”? That is how we started working together more than 20 years ago.
  2. What are the most important values connecting KIKU Apples and Norbert Niederkofler?
    • We are territorially anchored and have great partnerships with South Tyrolean people, who - like us - are innovative, think outside the box and that want to leave behind a green planet for future generations.
  3. Why do you mainly support successful athletes?
    • Athletes are perfect ambassadors because they have to pay attention to a healthy diet and can therefore serve as a good example. We are interested in introducing children to the subject of “healthy nutrition” because children look up to athletes. It is not just about supporting those who are successful. KIKU is the perfect vitamin supplier also for adventurers: this is how we affectionately call those who practice sport without competing professionally, just out of pure love and passion. Therefore, we search for partners that share our same views also among athletes.
  4. What makes the KIKU-apple unique?
    • "An apple a day keeps the doctor away“– everybody knows that nowadays. Apples are handy and healthy. We can enjoy an apple as a snack also while driving our car. As KIKU owners, we pay attention on guaranteeing that our product comes just from selected producers and that we have only top quality apples in our boxes. All it takes is just one bite and its crunchiness and taste convinces everybody!
  5. Which apple is your personal favourite and why?
    • There is not just one particular apple, there are many. It depends on the situation: I always carry around the small-sized ISAAQ® apple in my sports bag or my backpack – my children carry it in their schoolbag. The RED MOON® apple impresses people with its peculiar inner characteristics because the flesh is red. It contains anthocyanins, which not only provide this eye-catching characteristic, but it is also very healthy. But even in salads or fruit salads, the apple, in principle, is part of my diet.

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