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Not every apple is just an apple. There is such a huge choice among apple varieties that everybody can find something to their taste.

Different apple varieties have numerous unique characteristics: one can be sweet and crunchy, another can be slightly acidic with soft flesh and thin skin. However, all KIKU Apples have one thing in common: versatility and indisputable quality without disregarding the central issue of sustainability. They are extremely robust and have proven to be highly tolerant and resistant to diseases due to their own nature and genetic makeup. This has a positive influence on the ethical outcome and constitutes a responsible method of production that only requires minor human interventions in nature – and that is something you can taste.

But what are the differences between the varieties? We have taken a closer look at our four favourite apples.


Crimson Snow®
Available throughout the year due to its long shelf life
Crimson red skin, white flesh
Crunchy, juicy, fresh, sour-sweet with an exotic note
The classic table apple with an unexpected taste
The smallest of the apples – particularly loved by people who are always on the move because it is easy to transport, store and has a long shelf life
Intense red skin, white flesh
Lively, fresh and crunchy with delicate flesh
It also fits in very small bags, ideal as a snack – whether when playing sports or at the office
Particularly healthy and intense-tasting due to its high anthocyanin and polyphenol content
From bright to dark red skin colour, special eye-catcher: red apple flesh – natural colouring from red pigments, antioxidant effect
Remarkably pleasant, slightly acidic taste which makes it different from every other customary apple variety
Perfect for fruit salads and desserts owing to its eye-catching quality as well as its taste; also suitable for juicing
Premium apple which also maintains its consistency at room temperature – it is the ambassador for the KIKU brand and for the area of sports
Yellowish base  colour, ruby-coloured striped skin, white flesh
Very juicy, crunchy, fresh and sweet – especially loved by children
Remains crunchy even if it is processed, therefore perfect to use in sweet or sour-sweet recipes

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