Apples are good for your teeth

  Health   |     04-02-2020   -     Editorial Team

This sentence has been said and you have heard it numerous times, but what are the benefits of apples that contribute to healthy teeth?

It is fairly well known that there is a relationship between what we decide to eat and the health of our teeth. In this regard, it is possible to divide food in two major categories:

  • Foods that are unhealthy for our teeth
  • Foods that help prevent tooth decay

 Every type of sticky food and with high amounts of sugar, such as sweets, fall into the first category.

Instead, foods that help prevent the formation of cavities belong to the second category. These foods require chewing for longer, support the cleaning process and help massage teeth and gums, contain minerals that are valuable for the health of dental enamel and have low levels of sugar and acidity.

Thus, the allies to ensure healthy teeth are nuts, raw vegetables and fresh fruitsthat are neither too acidic nor sweet. Apples fall within this last category of fruits. Thanks to their firm consistency, low sugar content and high level of vitamins and fluoride, apples represent one the best foods to counteract potential tooth decay and strengthen your teeth and gums.

So, it is true that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”, but we also have to keep in mind that it cannot replace diligent oral hygiene practices and atoothbrush.

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