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Blossom Time

An eye-catching period starts, the weeks of flowering occures. Some varieties of apple trees flower early, some late, the most are totally white.

Red fleshed varieties, like the RED MOON®s, flower for a week or a little bit longer and they are amazingly pink.

For all apple trees varieties pollination is essential. Most apple cultivars require cross-pollination to set crop, as they are self-unfruitful.

Apple pollen is heavy and can’t be carried by the wind as it happens for conifers.

Apple pollen is transferred primarily by insects, especially honey and bumble bees.

That´s why bees are a fundamental for apple growers, as well as the correct timing in order for pollination to be effective.

(source: “Apples – botany, production and uses”, edited by Ferree & Warrington, CABI Publishing)

And when this natural spectacle calls, also chef Norbert Niederkofler can’t resist and leaves his kitchen to watch it.

Jürgen Braun and Norbert Niederkofler

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