Being more green starting with apples

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Sustainability is becoming an important topic: respecting the environment, creating stability, preferably increasing prosperity are values that should be addressed by everybody in their everyday life.

Sustainability could be considered as a sort of thankfulness towards nature for all those precious resources that it gives us and that we use to live, while also taking care not to exceed the environment’s capacity to absorb waste from our production processes.


Today we will talk about this topic, starting with something that is very familiar to us. In fact, the apple is not just good to eat, it is also ecologically sustainable. It is a fruit with countless benefits both for our health and for the health of our planet.

In Trentino-South Tyrol, an Italian region famous worldwide for the cultivation of apples, interesting and intriguing projects regarding the use of apple wasteare being developed to create sustainable products: the paper material “cartamela” and the leather substitute “pellemela”.


In both cases, it was someone from the South Tyrolean city of Bolzano who developed an innovative process to utilise apple skins and cores from the industrial processing of organic apples. Through these processes, up to 50% of waste from the total amount of apples used can be recycled. So, new and completely biodegradable paper and leather substitutes came to life.


Today, numerous businesses have shown their interest in these innovative materials. For example, some companies specialised in the stationery field utilise “cartamela” paper to manufacture notebooks, day planners, agendas and envelopes.

Many are also interested in the leather substitute “pellemela”, which is utilised for creations in the field of fashion, clothing as well as in the furniture industry. For example, a shoe company based in the Italian region Veneto used the so-called Apple Skin to create a new ecological and fashionable sneaker model.


Sustainability is a very important and sensitive topic for the Braun brothers as well, who are constantly involved in environmental protection. For example, 100% biodegradable, plastic-free materials are used for the packaging of the KIKU apples and no sticker is applied to the apple itself. Moreover, if we look at their portfolio we will find only sustainable apple varieties.


At home too we can pay attention to little things to become increasingly more green starting with apples:

  • Shredded apple skin makes excellent compost for our gardens
  • Let’s use dried apple skin to prepare an infusion, teas and wardrobe perfumers
  • Boiling apple skins for roughly 30 minutes can produce a cleaning solution to clean dishes
  • We can make a delicious liquor using apple seeds

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