January – plant dormancy

  News   |     08-01-2020   -     Editorial Team

With the month of January, the deepest winter has arrived. Even if the sun is as low as the temperatures, January is still able to amaze us with breath-taking scenes...

Snow turns everything white and muffles all the noise; it seems like everything is silent and peaceful and even plants are in the middle of their dormancy period.

It is very important to respect the plant’s dormancy, even more if it is a sensitive species.

However, the apple tree is a strong plant, which is able to endure pruning in the wintertime. Thus, the apple tree can be pruned already around the end of January for the first time.

Therefore, the work slowly begins the first month of the year: farmers have enough time to start pruning the apple trees and then, if the temperature outside is not too low, they start to repair possible damage caused by snow and ice and start preparing the orchards for the following harvest. All the work is done carefully and with rigorous attention.

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