May – apple orchards evolve

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Welcome May! A month that oftentimes gives us an early summery taste and delights us with its mild temperatures and enchanting spring flowers.

In May, we can still enjoy the fascinating spectacle of blossoming apple orchards and be amazed by the plentiful pink and white buds that colour the landscape.


During this time it is imperative to protect our orchards in the right way, to protect them from harmful organisms to avoid and/or to fight the plant parasites.

In addition, bees play a crucial role, which are attracted by the hotter and drier climate and are enticed to the plants, pollinating the flowers of the apple trees. The pollination process allows pollen to be transported, which is crucial to enable the trees to fruit. Given the fact that this process is essential, it is recommended to use non-aggressive or natural plant protection products as much as possible to respect our bee friends.


Most likely, we will be able to see the first fruits growing during the second half of May; however, to have high-quality apples and lighten the excessively loaded branches, it is important to thin the apple tree. Through this process we will be able to ensure:

  • optimal flowering in the following year
  • better quality, better colour and the right size of apples
  • more constant production


Thinning the apple trees is extremely important – generally, the process starts at the end of May – and has to be carried out roughly two weeks after the small fruits have started to develop, although they often fall to the ground by themselves due to their development stage. The tree uses its resources to feed the fruits and thus, it is necessary to make this selection to choose which fruits should grow.

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