Norbert with an apple to hand

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Norbert with an apple to hand is a project of the Braun brothers Jürgen and Thomas from KIKU Apples and three Michelin-starred chef Norbert Niederkofler.

Jürgen Braun, Norbert Niederkofler, Thomas Braun

Norbert Niederkofler***(St. Hubertus, San Cassiano, Bolzano) is an eclectic chef with a wide-ranging vision who for years has been spreading a philosophy that is a genuine way of life for him: Cook the Mountain. The project's main characteristics are a rediscovery of local traditions, naturalness, and respect for the rhythms of nature, with a judicious use of seasonal produce. This is all joined by plenty of innovation, something that led Norbert to adopt sustainable cooking before being "green" became fashionable.

It is in this, not to mention the other values they share such as a focus on nutrition and sport, that Thomas and Jürgen Braun from KIKU Apples have found a special kind of accord.

Both have made radical choices in terms of research. The chef from Alto Adige creates Michelin-starred cuisine that is firmly grounded in the local area, seasonal produce and sustainability, rather than gourmet cuisine that consists exclusively of prized ingredients. Luis Braun, on the other hand, was a pioneer in growing Japanese Fuji apples in Alto Adige, an area in which the apple has taken on very special organoleptic qualities. With the passion handed down to them by their father, the sons Jürgen and Thomas are today carrying on research into and subsequent plantings of a wide variety of apples around the world.

So it is natural that these innovating spirits should get together and collaborate. Taking the creative concept of “Norbert with an apple to hand”as its emblem, a food culture platform was created, supported by the research of the new Cook the Mountain Lab, involving workshops and meetings with young chefs who want to learn more about Norbert Niederkofler's philosophy.

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