March - reawakening after winter

  News   |     03-03-2020   -     Editorial Team

The days are getting longer and the transition from winter to spring is perceivable. March is a crucial and a delicate month for the apple trees too, as they prepare themselves for the spring months.

March is a month of transition, providing the bridge between winter and spring. The work to be done in the orchards is always a little different from year to year because it has to be adapted to the specific climatic conditions of the month itself. There are years when temperatures are already mild, thus the buds start opening and the farmers get ready for them to blossom. On the contrary, cold winter temperatures could persist and March could be the perfect month to do the last of the winter work such as pruning, since the buds have not yet opened, or erecting new structures to protect the trees from frost. 

Of course, the distinction between these types of work is also related to different geographic areas. It is therefore very likely that we will only be able to see that the buds have not opened yet, even if this sometimes gives us a sight to behold: for example, when temperatures sink at night and the buds can be seen covered in ice in the morning, looking like precious little glass jewels. 

Instead, we will have to wait until next month to observe the amazing,blossoming explosion of the beautiful apple tree flowers.

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